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Talk with Ali Canli – owner of the Ida Natura Hotel on Kaz Mountains on 23.07.2019

In Kızılkeçili village, a small village between Güre and Zeytinli, directly on the Kaz Mountains lies this insider tip: the Ida Natura Hotel. Pioneer Ali Canlı realized his dream here 6 years ago, this nature and health hotel with 12 rooms (max 30 people) and a natural living center according to European standards. In 2018, with the construction of 15 wooden houses, the development of tourism with alternative and qualitative services was expanded.

Oxygen, nature and peace – let yourself be carried away to this region with high oxygen-rich air. According to measurements, this place is the place after the Alps in the entire world, where the amount of oxygen is the highest. The salt-enriched sea air mixes with the spicy and low-polluted mountain air, rich in flora and fauna, and creates a symbiosis. The attractions around Kaz Mountains, Troy and Canakkale, the Izmir region are not far. Here they are in the middle of the olive groves, as far as the eye can see – the olive region of Turkey with olives of the highest quality.

The visions of the founder Ali Canli with this structure of the Ida Natura Hotel, built according to ancient Greek mythology, are unique. Connected with spacious rooms and rooms and the natural beauty of the plant with the animals living here is a feast for the eyes. The SPA offers of the hotel: Tuz Odasi – certified oasis of salt with 1A crystal quality and 84 different minerals and trace elements – the salt room with therapeutic applications for respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases), skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), immune system weaknesses, sleep disorders and stress and states of exhaustion. The salt-mist-enriched air enters the lungs with each breath and can release deep-seated coughs. There are also massage treatments, meditation and yoga activities, biking, jeep safaris and trekking around and into the Kaz Mountains.
The hotel offers wooden bungalows for people with disabilities; You reach your room via a ramp, equipped with an adjustable nursing bed.

Children are offered hippotherapy with a Shetland pony and activity games in the garden.
Ecotourism is very important here: getting to know the flora and fauna in beautiful Turkey. Meetings and round tables, health fairs and educational meetings are held.
Dogs are welcome in the wooden bungalows: enjoy your holiday with your four-legged friend.
Group tours are offered especially in spring and autumn.

The all-round service of the hotel: planning and execution of your stay, purchase of the plane ticket, transfer from the airport to the hotel and the time of your holiday. So you can plan and do everything directly from Germany or other European places here from the hotel.
The airport in Balıkesir is served by Turkish Airlines and Pegasus.

There is still much to tell – please wait for our next report.

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